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Reliably automate candidate selection so your recruiters can focus their valuable time on top candidates – and do so with ethical and bias-free AI models.

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Backed by extensive research in the fields of linguistic science and predictive intelligence, Harqen’s first-of-its-kind technology offers a revolutionary approach to the challenge of automating manually intensive parts of the hiring process – namely candidate screenings.
Harqen’s AI-powered interviewing solution now makes this possible by providing candidate recommendations that are more accurate and consistent than what’s possible with human decision making alone.

How Our AI Works

Watch Harqen CTO Mark Unak discuss our unique approach to interview evaluations.

We build a custom AI model for every job type, which learns from your organization’s current hiring decisions and other available data to better understand which candidate attributes and indicators are most relevant for the position.

Our AI analyzes four primary areas...

Interview Answers

Our advanced machine learning technology can identify the content of the candidate’s answers and determine if a question is answered accurately compared to other candidates interviewing for the same job.

Resume Analysis

We parse each resume and perform an analysis to determine how relevant the candidate’s work history, skills, and education are against the detailed description of the job type or position.

Psychological Traits

Based scientifically-backed research on linguistic analysis and the Big 5/OCEAN personality framework, our AI models provide a personality index based on several key predictive attributes:

  • Linguistic Scores: Cloud, Authenticity, Analytical Thinking, Emotional Tone
  • Big 5 Personality Scores: Openness to Experience, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness, and more.


Candidates are given an overall enthusiasm score that measures their levels of excitement and engagement during their interview. This is often referred to as a “smile test,” and can be an important measure for client-facing job types.

How Is Harqen’s Approach to Candidate Evaluation Different?

Harqen does not utilize or factor in controversial hiring assessments, including gamification or self-assessed personality tests. Harqen’s AI technology also does not factor in problematic AI methods, such as facial or voice analysis, which have proven to be inaccurate and open to issues around bias.

Demystifying AI in the Hiring Process

Watch Part One: Why Use AI in Hiring?

A picture of Emily Campion smiling at the camera with greenery behind her
Featuring Guest Presenter
Emily D. Campion, PhD.
Assistant Professor in Management,
Strome College of Business at Old Dominion University
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A Commitment to Ethical, Bias-Free AI Models

In our AI development, we have made conscious decisions to prevent biased information from going into our algorithms. This includes our process of transcribing all interviews into to text so as not to factor in a candidate’s appearance or voice. We also anonymize all candidate data and scrub our machine learning models of any protected class information, such as gender, age, and ethnicity.
A badge with icons representing a scale and a brain with a processor in it. This badge is given by the EAIC when certified.
We are committed to the pursuit and adherence of ethical AI practices. Harqen’s product and development teams have also completed Ethical AI Professional Certification through EAIC.

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