Harqen.AI, a leading provider of AI-powered evaluation technologies for both corporate recruiting and college admission processes, announces it has hired Michael A. Campion, Ph.D., the Herman C. Krannert Distinguished Professor of Management at Purdue University, as an Industrial and Organizational (I/O) Psychology consultant.

Dr. Campion will advise and help guide Harqen’s ethical AI development, with special attention to issues around algorithmic bias, diversity, and inclusion. Dr. Campion is among the 10 most published and cited authors in the fields of I/O Psychology and Human Resource Management. He is the former president of the Society of Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP), the 2010 winner of SIOP’s Scientific Contribution Award, and was named Distinguished Professor at Purdue in 2020.

“We are thrilled to be working with someone of Dr. Campion’s stature in the field of I/O Psychology to help us navigate important issues around bias in the candidate evaluation process, and to further validate that our AI-powered technology meets the highest ethical standards in our industry,” said Harqen.AI President and Chairman Stuart Olsten.

Mr. Olsten added: “Harqen’s technology was built to achieve a higher threshold of predictive capability and to address algorithmic bias. We aim to provide enterprise organizations assurances that they have the ability to hire at scale in an ethical manner. As an independent, third-party consultant, Dr. Campion will have an opportunity to objectively review our unique approach and practices to provide these assurances to our clients.”

Harqen.AI’s first-of-its-kind solution presents a stark alternative within the current market of AI tools that are designed to evaluate candidate interviews. Instead of utilizing controversial methods, such as facial-scanning technologies, voice inflection analysis, gamification, or self-assessed personality tests, Harqen.AI utilizes a linguistic-based approach that does not factor in candidate’s appearance or voice.

The Harqen.AI service transcribes candidate interviews into text and then performs an extensive linguistic analysis that measures levels of enthusiasm; word clusters that are specific to job types; and a psychological trait analysis that includes, among others, Big Five Personality traits (also known as the OCEAN model), such as openness to experience, conscientiousness, extraversion, and agreeableness. Combined with a resume analysis, Harqen.AI’s technology has consistently illustrated a 95 percent or higher accuracy rate in making the same hiring decisions as human recruiters.

Organizations then have the opportunity to fine-tune their candidate acceptance threshold within the platform, giving recruiting teams broad control over their hiring outcomes. Ultimately, the Harqen.AI platform allows organizations to process more candidates with fewer resources.

Will Rose

Prior to Harqen, Mr. Rose served as Chief Marketing Officer at Newtek Business Services Corp., a publicly traded company (NASDAQ). As CMO, Mr. Rose oversaw marketing operations for Newtek’s various portfolio companies and subsidiaries, which included the nation’s largest nonbank SBA lender, two IT services companies, and a payroll/human capital management solutions provider. During his thirteen-year tenure at Newtek, Mr. Rose also held the positions of Vice President of Information Systems and Product Manager of Cloud Solutions.